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Title "Gender Equity in Interscholastic Sports: The Final Saga: The Fight for Attorneys' Fees "
Date Fall 1998
Author Ray Yasser & Samuel J. Schiller
Author Institution University of Tulsa College of Law
Author Role Faculty
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Abstract This article is the third installment in a series of articles that examine gender
equity in sports at the interscholastic level. The initial article detailed the progress of a case filed as a class action against Owasso Public Schools on behalf of female students. The second article focused on the Consent Decree which culminated the case and set out the changes that Owasso Public Schools agreed to make. This article details the procedures involved in settling the dispute over the costs and attorneys' fees related to the case.
Citation 34 Tulsa L. J. 85 (1998)

This Resource Relates To
case Randolph v. Owasso School District I011 (ED-OK-0005)
person Yasser, Raymond (OK)
person Schiller, Samuel (TN)

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