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Title "Civil Warrior: Memoirs of a Civil Rights Attorney"
Date Jan 1, 2003
Author Guy T. Saperstein
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Abstract From the publisher:
Guy Saperstein grew up in the 1960s and was deeply involved in civil rights work from an early age. He decided after graduating from law school to devote his efforts entirely to social causes. As Civil Warrior shows, he has made the bad guys pay — spectacularly. Saperstein’s David and Goliath story recalls that of Erin Brockovich, and he’s had his share of high-profile cases, including a win against State Farm Insurance for $239 million and the infamous Denny’s lawsuit. Civil Warrior tells these and other stories in a compelling style with accompanying photographs that manage to make protracted litigation — the State Farm case dragged on for 12 years — as readable as a thriller. "Guy T. Saperstein is revolutionizing civil-rights law." — The Wall Street Journal
Citation (Berkeley Hills Books 2003)

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case Ridgeway v. TW Services/Denny's, U.S. v. TW Services, and (DR-CA-0001)
person Saperstein, Guy T (CA)

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