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Title "Chronicle of Higher Education, Title IX Tracker: University of Virginia "
Date Jan 9, 2019
Author Chronicle of Higher Education
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Abstract Collects documents from Department of Education OCR Title IX investigation. Campus Context: “Sexual assault gained attention on the campus in November 2014, when Rolling Stone published and later retracted a high-profile account of a violent gang rape, resulting in lawsuits against the magazine by university affiliates.
Students have protested what they see as a rape culture on the campus and an insufficiently responsive administration.
UVa was one of the initial 55 colleges under investigation in this wave of federal enforcement as announced by the Education Department in May 2014.
The institution has affirmed its commitment to victims of sexual assault, collected resources online, revised its policies, outlined an “action plan for safety,” promoted bystander intervention, and hosted a conference on sexual misconduct among college students.
About 24 percent of female undergraduates said they had experienced nonconsensual penetration or sexual touching due to physical force or incapacitation since arriving on the campus, according to a climate survey by the Association of American Universities. About 41 percent of all students believed it was very or extremely likely that UVa would conduct a fair investigation.
A state task force in Virginia issued several recommendations in the spring of 2015, including to require public and private colleges to create sexual-assault-response teams, to conduct climate surveys at public colleges every two years, and to develop a state grant program to support research on gender-based-violence prevention. The state legislature also passed two laws, one requiring campus police officers to immediately notify local law-enforcement authorities after opening an investigation into felony sexual assault, and another requiring college employees to report any sexual assault disclosed to them to the campus Title IX coordinator."
Source Chronicle of Higher Education

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