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Title "Chronicle of Higher Education, Title IX Tracker: Stanford University "
Date Jan 7, 2019
Author Chronicle of Higher Education
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Abstract Collects documents from Department of Education OCR Title IX investigation. Campus Context: “Sexual assault gained attention on the campus in June 2014 when a graduating senior encouraged classmates to circulate an email in which she expressed frustration that the student she accused of sexual assault had been found responsible by the university but given what she saw as a lenient sanction: suspension for one year effective after graduation, with a requirement that he perform community service and complete a sexual-assault-awareness program to earn his degree. The victim has said that she filed a federal complaint against Stanford in December 2014. Students have protested the institution’s handling of sexual assault and continued to organize. Stanford has conducted a climate survey, finding that 2 percent of all students have had experiences since enrolling there that meet a definition of sexual assault based on California law. Among undergraduate women, 5 percent said they had been sexually assaulted, and another 33 percent reported sexual misconduct, a category including sexual touching without consent. Some activists have objected to the survey’s methodology and results.
The institution has affirmed its commitment to victims of sexual assault, collected resources online, introduced a new disciplinary process, and created a task force to enhance prevention and improve policies, as well as support for victims. A student who participated in an investigation of sexual harassment at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity, which ultimately lost its housing privileges, has spoken out about the retaliation against her and a general fear of reporting on the campus. A male student wrote a detailed account in the campus newspaper in January 2015 of having been sexually assaulted by a female classmate. A freshman male swimmer at the university was arrested in January 2015 after two graduate students discovered him on top of an apparently unconscious woman, who was not a Stanford student, outside, on the grounds of the campus. He withdrew from the institution, and in June 2016, after having been convicted of three rape-related felonies, he was sentenced to six months in jail. In a case that mirrors the one described in an accuser's widely circulated email, a male student whom Stanford found responsible for sexual assault in 2014 sued the university in federal court in April 2016, arguing that it had failed to inform him of his rights and reached the wrong conclusion."
Source Chronicle of Higher Education

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