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Title "Chronicle of Higher Education, Title IX Tracker: Princeton University "
Date Dec 29, 2018
Author Chronicle of Higher Education
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Abstract Collects documents from Department of Education OCR Title IX investigation. Campus Context: “Sexual assault gained attention at Princeton in 2010, when Wendy Murphy, an adjunct professor at New England Law and a victim advocate, filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education asserting that the university's policies violated Title IX. The complaint that Ms. Murphy filed was resolved almost four years later, when Princeton entered into a resolution agreement with the Education Department. The department's Office for Civil Rights said that the university had violated Title IX for failing to 'promptly and equitably' respond to complaints of sexual violence, and for failing to end what the department called a 'sexually hostile environment for one student.' Before the agreement was announced, the university adopted a 'preponderance of the evidence' standard in sexual-violence investigations, a standard that the government has said that Title IX requires. That standard is lower than the one used in criminal cases, and is lower than one Princeton had previously used, which required 'clear and persuasive' evidence that an assault had occurred. In September 2015, the university released the results of a survey on sexual misconduct. The survey found that 34 percent of undergraduate women respondents said that they had experienced some form of inappropriate sexual behavior. The institution has affirmed its commitment to victims of sexual assault, collected resources online, and taken steps to improve its policies and its climate."
Source Chronicle of Higher Education

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case Department of Education Office for Civil Rights Title IX Sexual Assault Investigation of Princeton University (ED-PA-0010)

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