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Title "Meet the Dvash-Banks Family"
Date Jan 24, 2018
Author Immigration Equality
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Abstract Andrew is a U.S. citizen who grew up in Los Angeles. He moved to Israel to work and study, and it was there that he met Elad, his future husband. Andrew and Elad knew they wanted to marry and have a family, but because of the Defense of Marriage Act, Andrew could not sponsor Elad for a visa to be with him in the U.S. where all of Andrew’s family is.

Andrew is a dual U.S. and Canadian citizen, so he and Elad chose to move to Canada, where they were able to legally marry and have their marriage recognized so Andrew could sponsor Elad. There, they had twin sons, Ethan and Aiden, through surrogacy.

When they sought recognition of the twins’ U.S. citizenship, Andrew and Elad were forced to submit DNA tests and other documentation of their biological relationships to their boys, even though no such requirement exists for the children of a married U.S. citizen. Because one son was conceived with the sperm of one father and the other son with the sperm of the other father, one of these fraternal twins is being treated by the U.S. government as a U.S. citizen while the other was forced to enter the U.S. on a tourist visa! We are fighting to make sure both of the twins are treated fairly and equally!

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case Dvash-Banks v. Tillerson [Dvash-Banks v. Pompeo] (IM-CA-0113)

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