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Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse
Name Lamar, Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus
City Washington
State DC
Role(s) Judge : Federal, Article III
Race White
Gender M
This biographical data was taken from the Federal Judicial Center [link] on Aug 15, 2016:

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This biographical data was taken from the Federal Judicial Center [link] on Aug 15, 2016:

Lamar, Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus
Born September 17, 1825, in Eatonton, GA
Died January 23, 1893, in Macon, GA

Federal Judicial Service:
Associate Justice, Supreme Court of the United States
Nominated by Grover Cleveland on December 6, 1887, to a seat vacated by William B. Woods. Confirmed by the Senate on January 16, 1888, and received commission on January 16, 1888. Service terminated on January 23, 1893, due to death.

Allotment as Circuit Justice:
Fifth Circuit, January 23, 1888-January 23, 1893

Emory College, B.A., 1845
Read law, 1847

Professional Career:
Private practice, Covington, Georgia, 1847-1849
President, University of Mississippi, 1849-1852
Professor, University of Mississippi, 1849-1852, 1855-1857, 1861, 1865-1870
Private practice, Oxford, Mississippi, 1849-1852, 1855-1857, 1865-1873
Private practice, Covington, Georgia, 1852-1853
State representative, Georgia, 1853
Private practice, Macon, Georgia, 1853-1855
U.S. representative from Mississippi, 1857-1860, 1873-1877
Confederate Army lieutenant colonel, Nineteenth Mississippi Regiment, 1861-1862
Special Confederate commissioner to Russia, 1862-1863
Confederate Army judge advocate, Third Army Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia, 1863-1865
U.S. senator from Mississippi, 1877-1885
Secretary of the Interior, 1885-1888

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