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Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse
Name Mateer, Jeffrey C.
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* Jeffrey C Mateer (Austin, TX)
City Plano
State TX
Role(s) Attorney
Gender M
Case(s) CJ-TX-0016 : Russell v. Harris County, TX
CW-TX-0002 : Brackeen v. Zinke
FA-MN-0010 : Hastings Automotive v. Sebelius
FA-MS-0002 : American Family Association v. Sebelius
FA-PA-0013 : Valley Forge Christian College of the Assemblies of God v. Burwell
FA-PA-0016 : Fulton v. City of Philadelphia
FA-TX-0006 : Criswell College v. Sebelius
FA-WV-0001 : Holland v. Sebelius
IM-CA-0116 : U.S. v. State of California
IM-DC-0032 : National Association for the Advancement of Colored People v. Trump
IM-DC-0034 : Garza v. Hargan
IM-HI-0004 : State of Hawaii v. Trump
IM-MD-0004 : International Refugee Assistance Project (“IRAP”) v. Trump
IM-MD-0007 : Zakzok v. Trump
IM-NY-0051 : Batalla Vidal v. Nielsen
IM-TX-0034 : State of Texas v. United States
IM-TX-0041 : Grassroots Leadership v. Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
IM-TX-0043 : Mercado v. Dallas County, Texas
IM-TX-0044 : Texas v. Travis County
IM-TX-0045 : City of El Cenizo v. State of Texas
IM-WA-0029 : States of Washington & Minnesota v. Trump
JC-TX-0027 : Sanchez v. Dallas County Sheriff
PA-TX-0001 : Texas v. United States
PB-TX-0016 : Planned Parenthood Center for Choice v. Abbott
PC-TX-0016 : Cole v. Collier
PC-TX-0020 : Passion Star a/k/a Zollicoffer v. Livingston
PC-TX-0024 : Gibson v. Collier
PC-TX-0025 : Valentine v. Collier
VR-TX-0448 : Texas Democratic Party v. DeBeauvoir
VR-TX-0449 : Texas Democratic Party v. Abbott
VR-TX-0450 : Lewis v. Hughs
VR-TX-0454 : In re Hotze
VR-TX-0455 : In re State of Texas
VR-TX-0459 : Texas v. Hollins
VR-WI-0018 : Whitford v. Gill

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