University of Michigan Law School
Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse
Name Humphreys, Bradley Philip
City Washington
State DC
Role(s) Attorney
Gender M
Case(s) FA-AL-0003 : Eternal World Television Network v. Sebelius
FA-CO-0005 : Briscoe v. Sebelius
FA-CO-0006 : Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged v. Sebelius
FA-CO-0008 : Fellowship of Catholic University Students v. Sebelius
FA-IL-0002 : Conlon v. Sebelius
FA-IL-0004 : Triune Health Group, Inc. v. U.S. Dep't of Health and Human Servs.
FA-IL-0006 : Korte v. United States Department of Health and Human Services
FA-LA-0002 : Louisiana College v. Sebelius
FA-MI-0007 : Domino's Farms Corp. v. Sebelius
FA-MI-0008 : Eden Foods v. Sebelius
FA-MI-0010 : MK Chambers Co. v. Sebelius
FA-MI-0012 : Mersino v. Sebelius
FA-MI-0013 : The Ave Maria Foundation v. Sebelius
FA-MN-0003 : Annex Medical, Inc. v. Sebelius
FA-MN-0004 : SMA LLC v. Sebelius
FA-MN-0005 : Daniel Medford v. Sebelius
FA-MN-0006 : Hall v. Sebelius
FA-MN-0007 : Doboszenski & Sons, Inc. v. Sebelius
FA-MN-0008 : Stinson Electric, Inc. v. Sebelius
FA-MN-0009 : Feltl and Company v. Sebelius
FA-MN-0010 : Hastings Automotive v. Sebelius
FA-NY-0009 : State of New York v. Dept. of Health and Human Servs.
FA-OK-0006 : Catholic Benefits Association v. Sebelius
FA-PA-0003 : Zubik v. Sebelius [I]
FA-PA-0004 : Persico v. Sebelius
FA-PA-0005 : Geneva College v. Sebelius
FA-PA-0010 : Zubik v. Burwell [II]
FA-PA-0012 : Brandt, Bishop of The Roman Catholic Diocese of Greensburg v. Sebelius
FA-PA-0014 : Persico v. Sebelius
FA-TN-0002 : Union University v. Sebelius
FA-TX-0002 : Catholic Charities, Diocese of Fort Worth v. Sebelius
FA-TX-0003 : Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas v. Sebelius
FA-TX-0006 : Criswell College v. Sebelius
FA-TX-0007 : Roman Catholic Diocese of Beaumont v. Sebelius
IM-MD-0013 : HIAS, Inc. v. Trump
NS-LA-0001 : Rahim v. Federal Bureau of Investigation
PB-TX-0012 : Franciscan Alliance, LLC v. Burwell
PR-DC-0004 : Blumenthal v. Trump
PR-MD-0001 : District of Columbia and Maryland v. Trump
PR-WA-0001 : State of Washington v. Azar

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