University of Michigan Law School
Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse
Name Litt, Barrett S.
City Los Angeles
State CA
Role(s) Attorney
Race White
Gender M
Case(s) FA-CA-0002 : Multi-Ethnic Immigrant Workers Organizing Network v. City of Los Angeles
IM-CA-0064 : Roy v. Los Angeles County
IM-CA-0082 : Gonzalez v. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
JC-CA-0033 : Williams v. County of Los Angeles
JC-CA-0044 : Craft v. County of San Bernardino
JC-CA-0046 : Pierce v. Orange County
JC-CA-0047 : Streit v. County of Los Angeles
JC-CA-0053 : Gamino v. Ventura County
JC-CA-0054 : Stewart v. Gates
JC-CA-0056 : Riley v. Los Angeles County
JC-CA-0058 : Thomas v. Baca
JC-CA-0063 : Lopez v. Youngblood
JC-CA-0109 : McKibben v. McMahon
JC-CA-0110 : Amador v. Baca
JC-CA-0111 : Rodriguez v. County of Los Angeles
JC-DC-0001 : Campbell v. McGruder
JC-DC-0004 : Bynum v. District of Columbia
JC-DC-0005 : Barnes v. District of Columbia
JC-DC-0007 : Johnson v. District of Columbia
JC-GA-0026 : Powell v. Barrett
JC-MD-0007 : Jones v. Murphy
JC-MD-0008 : Maryland NAACP v. Baltimore City Police Department
PC-CA-0069 : Francis v. State of California
PH-CA-0002 : Nozzi v. Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles
PN-CA-0006 : Lawson v. Gates
PN-CA-0033 : Miranda v. Bonner

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