University of Michigan Law School
Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse
Name Perez, Thomas E.
City Washington
State DC
Role(s) Attorney
Case(s) CJ-TN-0006 : CRIPA Investigation of the Shelby County Juvenile Court
CW-MS-0002 : Troupe v. Barbour
DR-CA-0027 : Oster v. Wagner
DR-CA-0039 : DOJ and National Federation of the Blind Settlement with Sacramento Public Library Authority
DR-CA-0040 : Department of Fair Employment & Housing v. Law School Admissions Council (LSAC)
DR-CA-0048 : Communities Actively Living Independent and Free v. City of Los Angeles
DR-CO-0020 : Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition v. Abercrombie & Fitch
DR-CT-0001 : In re The National Board of Medical Examiners
DR-FL-0004 : United States of America v. State of Florida
DR-GA-0004 : Project Civic Access Settlement Agreement between United States Department of Justice and the City of Atlanta, Georgia
DR-LA-0001 : Settlement Agreement Between United States of America and Louisiana Tech University
DR-MA-0005 : National Association of the Deaf v. Netflix
DR-OR-0001 : Lane v. Kitzhaber (later, Brown)
DR-RI-0004 : United States v. Rhode Island and City of Providence
DR-VT-0001 : Jones v. National Conference of Bar Examiners
ED-CA-0009 : American Nurses Assoc. v. Torlakson
ED-GA-0001 : DeKalb County School District
ED-MN-0001 : Doe v. Anoka-Hennepin School District
ED-MT-0001 : Department of Education OCR Title IX Investigation of University of Montana-Missoula
ED-NY-0009 : Pratt v. Indian River Cent. Sch. Dist.
ED-PA-0004 : United States v. Sch. Dist. Phila.
ED-PA-0008 : Junior Doe v. Allentown School District
ED-TN-0002 : Lopez v. Metro. Gov’t of Nashville & Davidson Cnty.
EE-FL-0163 : United States v. Consolidated City of Jacksonville
EE-NJ-0119 : United States v. State of New Jersey
EE-NY-0287 : Goodman v. City of New York
EE-OH-0112 : United States v. City of Dayton, Ohio
FA-MD-0001 : Sharp v. Baltimore City Police
FH-AL-0004 : United States v. Bahr
FH-AL-0005 : United States v. Warren Properties, Inc.
FH-CA-0007 : United States v. Countrywide Financial Corporation
FH-CA-0009 : United States v. Luther Burbank Savings
FH-DC-0005 : United States of America v. Wells Fargo Bank
FH-FL-0003 : United States v. Cairns
FH-LA-0002 : United States v. Bouchon
FH-MI-0007 : Fair Housing Center of Washtenaw County and United States v. Acme Investments, Inc.
FH-MI-0009 : United States v. Citizens Republic Bancorp, Inc.
FH-MO-0003 : U.S. v. Midwest Bankcentre
FH-MS-0004 : United States v. Kelly
FH-NC-0002 : United States v. Bank of America
FH-NH-0001 : United States v. Riba
FH-NJ-0003 : Mt. Holly Gardens Citizens in Action v. Township of Mount Holly
FH-NY-0013 : United States v. Pearl River Gardens, LLC
FH-NY-0014 : United States v. Burgundy Gardens, LLC
FH-NY-0015 : United States v. Larkspur, LLC
FH-NY-0016 : United States v. L&M 93rd Street LLC
FH-NY-0018 : United States v. GFI Mortgage Bankers, Inc.
FH-OH-0012 : United States v. Testa Family Enterprises
FH-PA-0003 : USAA Federal Savings Bank v. Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission
FH-PA-0004 : United States v. Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp.
FH-SD-0003 : United States v. TK Properties
FH-TX-0006 : United States v. Nixon
FH-TX-0007 : United States v. Primelending
FH-TX-0010 : United States v. Texas Champion Bank
FH-VA-0002 : United States of America v. Suntrust Mortgage, Inc.
FH-VA-0003 : United States v. C&F Mortgage Corp.
ID-AR-0002 : USA v. Arkansas
ID-AR-0003 : U.S. v. Arkansas
ID-IL-0002 : U.S. v. Illinois
ID-IL-0004 : Illinois League of Advocates for the Developmentally Disabled v. Quinn
ID-IL-0005 : CRIPA Investigation of Clyde L. Choate Developmental Center (2009)
ID-IL-0006 : CRIPA Investigation of Howe Developmental Center (2009)
ID-TN-0003 : U.S. v. Tennessee
IM-AZ-0013 : Chamber of Commerce of the United States v. Whiting
JC-FL-0021 : United States v. Miami Dade County
JC-GA-0002 : United States v. Terrell County (GA)
JC-IL-0048 : United States v. Cook County
JC-IN-0023 : United States v. Lake County
JC-LA-0028 : Jones v. Gusman
JC-LA-0029 : U.S. CRIPA investigation of St. Tammany Parish (LA) Jail
JC-MS-0016 : U.S. v. Sunflower County
JC-NY-0059 : United States v. Erie County
JC-NY-0066 : CRIPA Investigation of the Westchester County Jail, Valhalla, New York
JC-OH-0016 : Shreve v. Franklin County
JC-OK-0008 : U.S. CRIPA investigation of Oklahoma County Jail
JC-SC-0003 : Prison Legal News v. Berkeley County Sheriff
JC-TN-0007 : U.S. v. Robertson County (TN)
JC-TX-0012 : United States v. Dallas County
JC-VA-0013 : United States v. Piedmont Regional Jail Authority
JI-CA-0025 : DOJ Monitoring of Los Angeles County Juvenile Probation Camps
JI-FL-0007 : U.S. CRIPA Investigation of Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys and the Jackson Juvenile Offender Center (FL)
JI-IN-0006 : DOJ Investigation of Juvenile Facilities in Indianapolis and Pendleton, Indiana
JI-IN-0007 : United States v. Marion Superior Court
JI-LA-0012 : United States v. Terrebonne Parish
JI-MS-0010 : United States v. City of Meridian
JI-MS-0011 : United States of America v. Leflore County, Mississippi
JI-MS-0012 : DOJ Investigation of Walnut Grove Youth Correctional Facility
JI-NY-0009 : United States of America v. The State of New York
JI-OH-0006 : United States v. Strickland
MH-CA-0004 : U.S. v. California
MH-GA-0001 : Georgia Advocacy Office v. Shelp
MH-GA-0002 : U.S. v. State of Georgia
MH-MS-0001 : United States v. Mississippi
MH-NY-0009 : U.S. v. City of New York (Kings County Hospital)
NH-MO-0001 : United States v. Marion County Nursing Home District
NH-SC-0002 : U.S. v. South Carolina
PB-AL-0003 : Boyd v. Mullins
PB-CA-0032 : Napper v. County of Sacramento
PB-DC-0004 : Day v. District of Columbia
PB-DE-0003 : United States v. Delaware
PB-FL-0007 : A.R. v. Dudek
PB-FL-0009 : Haddad v. Arnold
PB-FL-0010 : Cruz v. Arnold
PB-FL-0012 : Jones v. Arnold
PB-GA-0004 : U.S. v. Georgia
PB-GA-0005 : Knipp v. Perdue
PB-GA-0007 : Hunter v. Cook
PB-IL-0010 : Hampe v. Hamos
PB-LA-0001 : Pitts v. Greenstein
PB-MO-0002 : Hiltibran v. Levy
PB-NC-0002 : United States v. North Carolina
PB-NC-0004 : Clinton L. v. Cansler
PB-NC-0005 : Marlo M. v. Cansler
PB-NH-0003 : Amanda D. v. Hassan
PB-NJ-0007 : Disability Rights New Jersey v. Velez
PB-NY-0013 : O'Toole v. Cuomo & U.S. v. New York (formerly Disability Advocates Inc. (DAI) v. Pataki)
PB-PA-0011 : Benjamin v. Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare
PB-TX-0003 : Steward v. Perry
PB-VA-0002 : Arc of Virginia v. Kaine
PB-VA-0003 : United States v. Virginia
PC-AL-0031 : Knight v. Thompson
PC-CA-0061 : Basra v. Cate
PC-DE-0007 : DOJ Investigation of Delaware Correctional Center, Howard R. Young Correctional Institution, Sussex Correctional Institution, John L. Webb Correctional Facility, and Delores J. Baylor Women's Correctional Institution
PC-FL-0019 : United States v. Florida
PC-GA-0018 : Miller v. King
PC-KS-0006 : CRIPA Investigation of the Topeka Correctional Facility, Topeka, Kansas
PC-PA-0038 : CRIPA investigation of Cresson and Penn. DOC (solitary confinement)
PC-SD-0007 : Native American Council of Tribes v. Weber
PC-TX-0017 : Ali v. Thaler
PC-TX-0018 : Moussazadeh v. Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice
PC-VI-0002 : U.S. v. Virgin Islands
PN-AZ-0001 : United States v. Maricopa County
PN-AZ-0002 : United States v. Maricopa County
PN-AZ-0004 : United States v. Town of Colorado City
PN-CA-0002 : U.S. v. City of Los Angeles
PN-CA-0028 : United States of America v. County of Los Angeles
PN-CT-0001 : United States v. East Haven
PN-FL-0007 : 2007 DOJ Investigation of Orange County Sheriff's Office
PN-FL-0008 : DOJ Investigation of City of Miami Police Department
PN-LA-0001 : United States v. City of New Orleans
PN-MT-0001 : DOJ Investigation of University of Montana-Missoula's Office of Public Safety
PN-MT-0002 : DOJ Investigation of Missoula Police Department
PN-MT-0003 : DOJ Investigation of Missoula County Attorney's Office
PN-NC-0002 : United States v. Johnson
PN-NY-0006 : DOJ Investigation of the Beacon Police Department
PN-NY-0009 : Floyd v. City of New York
PN-OH-0004 : U.S. v. City of Warren
PN-OR-0001 : United States v. City of Portland
PN-PR-0001 : United States v. Puerto Rico
PN-WA-0001 : United States v. City of Seattle
SD-AL-0023 : Lee and United States of America v. Macon County School Board (M.D. Ala. cases)
SD-GA-0006 : US vs. McDuffie County
SD-LA-0003 : United States of America v. Caldwell Parish School Board
SD-LA-0005 : Andrews v. City of Monroe (La.)
SD-LA-0010 : U.S. v. Desoto Parish School Board
SD-LA-0016 : Graham v. Evangeline Parish School Board
SD-LA-0023 : United States of America v. Richland Parish School Board
SD-MO-0001 : Liddell v. Board of Education for the City of St. Louis
SD-MS-0007 : Cowan and US v. Bolivar County Board of Education
SD-MS-0009 : United States of America v. State of Mississippi
SD-TX-0008 : U.S. v. Matthews
VR-DC-1169 : Shelby County v. Holder
VR-FL-0168 : Mi Familia Vota Education Fund v. Detzner
VR-FL-0169 : United States v. State of Florida

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