University of Michigan Law School
Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse
Name Fox, Timothy Patrick
City Denver
State CO
Role(s) Attorney
Gender M
Case(s) DR-CA-0024 : Moeller v. Taco Bell
DR-CA-0028 : Lane v. Santa Cruz Metro. Transit District
DR-CA-0032 : Castaneda v. Burger King Corporation
DR-CA-0040 : Department of Fair Employment & Housing v. Law School Admissions Council (LSAC)
DR-CA-0052 : Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center v. RLJ Lodging Trust
DR-CA-0053 : Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center (CREEC) v. Hospitality Properties Trust
DR-CA-0054 : Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center v. Ashford Hospitality Trust
DR-CA-0055 : Vallabhapurapu v. Burger King
DR-CO-0001 : Barber v. Deptartment of Revenue
DR-CO-0002 : Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition v. Taco Bell Corp.
DR-CO-0003 : Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition v. Greyhound Lines, Inc.
DR-CO-0004 : Farrar-Kuhn v. Conoco, Inc.
DR-CO-0005 : Lucas v. Kmart Corp.
DR-CO-0006 : Richardson v. City of Steamboat Springs
DR-CO-0007 : Taylor v. Regional Transp. Dist.
DR-CO-0008 : Ulibarri v. City and County of Denver
DR-CO-0010 : Colorado Cross Disability Coalition v. Denver
DR-CO-0011 : Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition v. Colorado Rockies Baseball Club
DR-CO-0012 : Lucas v. Colorado Rockies Baseball Calub
DR-CO-0013 : Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition v. Fey Concert Company
DR-CO-0014 : Ehman v. Home Builders Ass'n of Metro. Denver
DR-CO-0015 : Shepherd v. U.S. Olympic Committee
DR-CO-0016 : Hollonbeck v. U.S. Olympic Committee
DR-CO-0017 : Williams v. Denver
DR-CO-0018 : Williams v. Hermanson Family LP
DR-CO-0019 : Williams v. University of Denver
DR-CO-0020 : Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition v. Abercrombie & Fitch
DR-CO-0023 : Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center v. Sage Hospitality Resources LLC
DR-MA-0004 : Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. E*Trade Access
DR-MA-0006 : National Association of the Deaf v. Harvard University
DR-MA-0007 : National Association of the Deaf v. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
EE-CO-0067 : Gooden v. Timpte
FH-CO-0001 : Housing For All v. Monroe Group
FH-CO-0002 : Gonzales v. Katchen and Company
FH-CO-0003 : Center for Rights of Parents with Disabilities v. Colorado Homeless Families, Inc.
IM-CA-0129 : Teneng v. Trump
IM-CA-0147 : Fraihat v. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
IM-CO-0011 : Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center v. U.S. Department of Homeland Security
PC-CO-0017 : Anderson v. State of Colorado

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