University of Michigan Law School
Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse
Name Mills, Alan S.
City Chicago
State IL
Role(s) Attorney
Gender M
Case(s) CJ-IL-0001 : King v. Walker
CJ-IL-0003 : M.H. v. Monreal
CJ-IL-0006 : Chancy v. Illinois Prisoner Review Board
FA-IL-0016 : Uptown Tent City Organizers v. City of Chicago Department of Administrative Hearings
JC-IL-0049 : Malewski v. Preckwinkle
JC-IL-0050 : Hudson v. Preckwinkle
PC-IL-0019 : People v. Ross
PC-IL-0023 : Westefer v. Snyder
PC-IL-0024 : Almodovar v. Snyder
PC-IL-0025 : Ryan v. Walker
PC-IL-0027 : Walters v. Edgar
PC-IL-0028 : Holmes v. Godinez
PC-IL-0029 : Boyd v. Godinez
PC-IL-0030 : Sorrentino v. Godinez
PC-IL-0031 : Rasho v. Walker
PC-IL-0032 : Lippert v. Godinez
PC-IL-0033 : Ross v. Gossett
PC-IL-0034 : Coleman v. Taylor
PC-IL-0039 : Morales v. Findley
PC-IL-0040 : Fontano v. Godinez
PC-IL-0041 : Davis v. Baldwin
PC-IL-0042 : Thompson v. Baldwin
PC-IL-0043 : Andrews v. Rauner
PC-IL-0044 : Hampton v. Baldwin
PC-IL-0050 : Money v. Pritzker
PC-IL-0051 : Money v. Jeffreys

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