University of Michigan Law School
Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse
Name Eisenberg, Arthur
City New York
State NY
Role(s) Attorney
Gender M
Case(s) CJ-NY-0005 : Muntaqim v. Coombe
ED-NY-0008 : J.L. v. Mohawk Cent. Sch. Dist.
FA-NY-0006 : Barry v. City of New York
IM-DC-0012 : Baker v. City of New York
IM-MA-0003 : Allende v. Shultz
IM-NY-0009 : National Council of La Raza v. Gonzales
IM-NY-0036 : National Council of La Raza v. Department of Justice
IM-NY-0049 : Centro de la Comunidad Hispana v. Town of Oyster Bay
IM-NY-0052 : Tuyizere v. Utica City School District Board of Education
JC-NY-0059 : United States v. Erie County
NS-NY-0003 : ACLU v. Clapper
NS-NY-0004 : Doe v. Ashcroft
NS-NY-0005 : Raza v. City of New York
NS-NY-0006 : Amnesty v. Clapper
NS-NY-0008 : ACLU v. FBI
NS-NY-0013 : ACLU v. Office of Dir. of National Intelligence
NS-NY-0015 : ACLU v. U.S. Department of Justice
NS-NY-0018 : American Civil Liberties Union v. Federal Bureau of Investigation
NS-NY-0021 : In re Order Requiring Apple Inc. to Assist in the Execution of a Search Warrant Issued by the Court
NS-VA-0005 : Yaser Esam Hamdi v. Rumsfeld
PB-NY-0017 : Windsor v. United States
PB-NY-0032 : State of New York v. U.S. Department of Commerce
PB-NY-0033 : New York Immigration Coalition v. U.S. Department of Commerce
PD-NY-0002 : Hurrell-Harring v. State of New York
PN-NY-0007 : Handschu v. Special Services Division
PN-NY-0008 : New York Civil Liberties Union v. New York City Police Dept.
PN-NY-0011 : Battle v. City of New York
PN-NY-0017 : Blair v. City of New York
PN-NY-0027 : Kronen v. NYC
PN-NY-0028 : Picture The Homeless v. The City of New York

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