University of Michigan Law School
Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse
Name Holder, Eric H. Jr.
City Washington
State DC
Role(s) Attorney
Gender M
Case(s) DR-CA-0048 : Communities Actively Living Independent and Free v. City of Los Angeles
EE-DC-0048 : Hartman v. Albright
EE-MA-0021 : Turnley v. Banc of America Investment Services, Inc.
EE-NJ-0119 : United States v. State of New Jersey
FH-AL-0003 : United States v. Biswas
FH-AL-0007 : United States v. First United Security Bank
FH-CA-0007 : United States v. Countrywide Financial Corporation
FH-CA-0009 : United States v. Luther Burbank Savings
FH-DC-0001 : U.S. v. Chevy Chase Federal Savings Bank
FH-DC-0005 : United States of America v. Wells Fargo Bank
FH-FL-0003 : United States v. Cairns
FH-MI-0007 : Fair Housing Center of Washtenaw County and United States v. Acme Investments, Inc.
FH-MI-0009 : United States v. Citizens Republic Bancorp, Inc.
FH-MI-0010 : United States v. Ally Financial Inc. and Ally Bank
FH-MO-0003 : U.S. v. Midwest Bankcentre
FH-MS-0003 : United States v. Indigo Investments, LLC
FH-NC-0002 : United States v. Bank of America
FH-NY-0013 : United States v. Pearl River Gardens, LLC
FH-NY-0014 : United States v. Burgundy Gardens, LLC
FH-NY-0015 : United States v. Larkspur, LLC
FH-NY-0018 : United States v. GFI Mortgage Bankers, Inc.
FH-PA-0004 : United States v. Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp.
FH-PA-0005 : Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and United States v. National City Bank
FH-TX-0007 : United States v. Primelending
FH-TX-0009 : United States v. Fort Davis State Bank
FH-TX-0010 : United States v. Texas Champion Bank
FH-VA-0002 : United States of America v. Suntrust Mortgage, Inc.
FH-VA-0003 : United States v. C&F Mortgage Corp.
FH-VA-0005 : United States v. Chevy Chase Bank, F.S.B.
FH-WI-0003 : United States v. Southport Bank
ID-TX-0002 : U.S. v. Texas (DOJ CRIPA lawsuit involving many State Schools)
IM-CA-0116 : U.S. v. State of California
IM-DC-0010 : NAACP Jefferson County Branch v. U.S. Secretary of Labor
JC-FL-0021 : United States v. Miami Dade County
JC-GA-0003 : U.S. v. Columbus Consolidated City/County Government (Muscogee County)
JC-IL-0048 : United States v. Cook County
JC-IN-0023 : United States v. Lake County
JC-LA-0028 : Jones v. Gusman
JC-NY-0055 : Nunez and United States v. City of New York
JC-TN-0007 : U.S. v. Robertson County (TN)
JC-VA-0013 : United States v. Piedmont Regional Jail Authority
MH-GA-0002 : U.S. v. State of Georgia
MH-NY-0009 : U.S. v. City of New York (Kings County Hospital)
NH-DC-0001 : U.S. v. District of Columbia
NH-MO-0001 : United States v. Marion County Nursing Home District
NS-CO-0001 : United States v. Muhtorov
NS-DC-0002 : Al-Aulaqi v. Panetta
NS-DC-0030 : FISA Docket PR-TT ---- (Bates, J.) (July 2010)
NS-DC-0049 : In Re Electronic Surveillance and Physical Search of International Terrorist Groups, Their Agents, and Related Targets [Raw Take Order Docket 02-431]
NS-DC-0053 : In re Application of the FBI for an Order Requiring the Production of Tangible Things from [REDACTED] [BR 09-19]
NS-DC-0057 : [Redacted caption] Gov't Ex Parte Submissions of Reauthorization Certification and Related Procedures, Amended Certifications, and Request for an Order Approving Such Certification and Amended Certifications (April 2011) (702, Bates, J.)
NS-DC-0073 : [In re DNI/AG 702(i) certification 2009]
NS-DC-0074 : In re DNI/AG [702] Certification 2010-A
NS-DC-0102 : [Redacted Caption] Gov't Ex Parte Submissions of Reauthorization Certification and Related Procedures, Amended Certifications, and Request for an Order Approving Such Certification and Amended Certifications (August 2014) (702, Hogan, J.)
NS-NY-0014 : The New York Times Company v. United States Department of Justice
PB-FL-0009 : Haddad v. Arnold
PB-FL-0012 : Jones v. Arnold
PB-GA-0004 : U.S. v. Georgia
PB-IL-0010 : Hampe v. Hamos
PB-MI-0004 : DeBoer v. Snyder
PB-NC-0004 : Clinton L. v. Cansler
PB-NC-0005 : Marlo M. v. Cansler
PB-UT-0001 : Kitchen v. Herbert
PC-GA-0018 : Miller v. King
PC-KS-0006 : CRIPA Investigation of the Topeka Correctional Facility, Topeka, Kansas
PC-VI-0002 : U.S. v. Virgin Islands
PN-AZ-0004 : United States v. Town of Colorado City
PN-CT-0001 : United States v. East Haven
PN-LA-0001 : United States v. City of New Orleans
PN-OH-0004 : U.S. v. City of Warren
PN-PR-0001 : United States v. Puerto Rico
PN-WA-0001 : United States v. City of Seattle

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