University of Michigan Law School
Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse
Name Schwelb, Frank E.
City Washington
State DC
Role(s) Attorney
Gender M
Case(s) EE-MO-0107 : U.S. v. Sheet Metal Workers International Association, Local Union No. 36, AFL-CIO
FH-AZ-0003 : United States v. Management Clearing
FH-CA-0005 : Trafficante v. Metropolitan Life Ins. Co.
FH-CA-0027 : United States of America v. Kilz
FH-DC-0013 : United States of America v. Tilden Gardens, Inc.
FH-DC-0016 : United States v. The Ontario Owners, Inc.
FH-DC-0019 : U.S. v. Keil
FH-GA-0005 : United States v. Northside Realty Assoc., Inc.
FH-GA-0006 : United States v. Bob Lawrence Realty
FH-GA-0011 : United States v. West Peachtree Tenth Corporation
FH-IL-0020 : United States v. West Suburban Board of Realtors
FH-IN-0007 : Barrick Realty v. City of Gary, Indiana
FH-MD-0002 : United States v. Hunter
FH-MD-0004 : United States v. Mintzes
FH-MD-0005 : United States v. David Peebles
FH-MD-0006 : US v. H.G. Smith Co.
FH-MD-0007 : U.S. v. Miller and United Investors Management Corp.
FH-MD-0008 : United States v. Scott Management
FH-MO-0004 : United States of America v. Armbruster
FH-MO-0005 : United States of America v. City of Black Jack
FH-NY-0022 : USA v City of Lackawanna
FH-NY-0024 : United States v. Fred C. Trump, Donald Trump, and Trump Management, Inc.
FH-OH-0008 : Laufman v. Oakley Building & Loan Company
FH-OH-0016 : US v. Lake Lucerne Land Company
FH-TX-0011 : United States v. Bunting d/b/a Brass Buttons Realty Company
FH-TX-0012 : United States v. The Gary Greene Company
FH-TX-0013 : US v. Suburban Homes Realty Co
FH-TX-0014 : US v. Morris Green
FH-VA-0007 : United States v. Charter Realty Company
FH-VA-0008 : United States v. Lake Caroline, Inc.
JC-DC-0003 : Jerry M. v. District of Columbia
JC-SC-0001 : U.S. v. Ashley
PH-CA-0003 : Youritan Construction Co. v. USA

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