University of Michigan Law School
Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse
Name Dardarian, Linda M.
City Oakland
State CA
Role(s) Attorney
Gender F
Case(s) DR-CA-0004 : Citibank Preliminary Talking ATM agreement (California Council of the Blind)
DR-CA-0005 : Rite Aid Accessible Web and Point of Sale Agreement
DR-CA-0007 : Staples Accessible Web Site and Point of Sale Settlement Agreement
DR-CA-0008 : UCSF Medical Center Settlement Agreement
DR-CA-0009 : Accessible Credit Reports Agreement
DR-CA-0010 : 7-Eleven Point of Sale Agreement
DR-CA-0011 : San Francisco APS Agreement
DR-CA-0012 : RadioShack POS and Web Agreement
DR-CA-0013 : Safeway POS Agreement
DR-CA-0014 : Bank of America California and Florida Agreement
DR-CA-0015 : Wal-Mart POS Agreement
DR-CA-0016 : American Express Braille and Large Print Agreement
DR-CA-0017 : 7-Eleven Talking V-com Agreement
DR-CA-0018 : American Express Talking ATM Agreement
DR-CA-0019 : Wells Fargo California Talking ATM and Alternative Format Agreement
DR-CA-0020 : Union Bank of California Agreement
DR-CA-0021 : Target Point of Sale Settlement Agreement
DR-CA-0041 : Cinemark Audio Description Settlement
DR-CA-0042 : Charles Schwab Website Accessibility Settlement Agreement
DR-CA-0043 : Citizens Bank
DR-CA-0044 : Trader Joe’s Point of Sale Agreement and Amendment
DR-CA-0045 : University of California San Francisco Medical Center Settlement Agreement
DR-CA-0053 : Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center (CREEC) v. Hospitality Properties Trust
DR-CA-0057 : Willits v. City of Los Angeles
DR-CA-0061 : Disability Rights California v. County of Alameda
DR-DC-0002 : Dollar General Settlement Agreement
DR-GA-0003 : American Cancer Society Accessible Website and Alternative Formats Agreement and Extension Agreement
DR-IA-0001 : Wells Fargo Iowa and Utah Agreement
DR-MD-0002 : Goodlaxson v. City of Baltimore
DR-MN-0001 : Best Buy POS Settlement Agreement
DR-NC-0001 : First Union ATM, Web, and Alternative Format Agreement
DR-NY-0005 : Major League Baseball Web Accessibility
DR-OH-0001 : Bank One Final Agreement
DR-RI-0001 : CVS Accessible Web Site and Point of Sale Agreement
DR-TN-0001 : Lane v. Tennessee
DR-WA-0001 : Washington Mutual Agreement
EE-CA-0276 : Stender v. Lucky Stores, Inc.
EE-CA-0277 : Butler v. Home Depot
EE-MN-0086 : Sondel v. Northwest Airlines, Inc.
EE-TX-0451 : McClain v. Lufkin Industries

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