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Case Name Savaglio v. Wal-Mart Stores EE-CA-0279
Docket / Court C-835687-7 ( State Court )
State/Territory California
Case Type(s) Equal Employment
Case Summary
Case summary not yet recorded

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Issues and Causes of Action
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Public Int. Lawyer
Filed 2001
Case Ongoing Unknown
Court Docket(s)
No docket sheet currently in the collection
General Documents
State Trial Court
Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part Plaintiffs' Motion to Compel Discovery
EE-CA-0279-0002.pdf | Detail
State Trial Court
Order [Motion to Dismiss Granted]
EE-CA-0279-0003.pdf | Detail
State Trial Court
Order (2002 WL 34077922)
EE-CA-0279-0017.pdf | WESTLAW | Detail
Source: Westlaw
State Trial Court
Order (1) Granting Motion of the Furth Firm Regarding Counsel Structure and (2) Denying Motion of Wal-Mart to Stay Litigation
EE-CA-0279-0004.pdf | Detail
State Trial Court
Order [Denying Plaintiff's Motion for a Protective Order]
EE-CA-0279-0005.pdf | Detail
State Trial Court
Order Granting Plaintiffs' Motion to Reopen Class Certification Discovery
EE-CA-0279-0006.pdf | Detail
State Supreme Court
Opinion [Extending Time to Review] (2004 Cal.LEXIS 2806)
EE-CA-0279-0014.pdf | LEXIS | Detail
Source: LexisNexis
State Supreme Court
Opinion [Denying Review] (2004 Cal.LEXIS 3284)
EE-CA-0279-0015.pdf | LEXIS | Detail
Source: LexisNexis
State Trial Court
Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part the Motion of Defendant for Summary Adjudication on the Meal Period Money Claims (2004 WL 2034092)
EE-CA-0279-0011.pdf | WESTLAW | Detail
State Trial Court
Third Amended Class Action Complaint
EE-CA-0279-0001.pdf | Detail
State Trial Court
Order Denying Defendants' Motion for Summary Adjudication of Plaintiffs' Injunctive and Declaratory Claims (2005 WL 4890327)
EE-CA-0279-0007.pdf | WESTLAW | Detail
State Trial Court
Order [Denying Defendants' Motion to Compel Further Answers]
EE-CA-0279-0008.pdf | Detail
State Trial Court
Special Verdict Form
EE-CA-0279-0009.pdf | Detail
State Trial Court
Judgment (2006 WL 3256027)
EE-CA-0279-0010.pdf | WESTLAW | Detail
State Trial Court
Order (1) Denying Motion of Defendant for Judgment Notwithstanding the Verdict and (2) Denying Motion of Defendant for New Trial (2006 WL 3626295)
EE-CA-0279-0012.pdf | WESTLAW | Detail
State Court of Appeals
[Order Re: Sealed Records] (149 Cal.App.4th 588)
EE-CA-0279-0013.pdf | WESTLAW| LEXIS | Detail
Source: Westlaw
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Judges Reardon, Timothy A. (State Appellate Court) show/hide docs
Sabraw, Ronald M. (State Trial Court) show/hide docs
EE-CA-0279-0002 | EE-CA-0279-0003 | EE-CA-0279-0004 | EE-CA-0279-0005 | EE-CA-0279-0006 | EE-CA-0279-0007 | EE-CA-0279-0008 | EE-CA-0279-0009 | EE-CA-0279-0010 | EE-CA-0279-0011 | EE-CA-0279-0012 | EE-CA-0279-0017
Plaintiff's Lawyers Furth, Frederick P. (California) show/hide docs
Grant, Jessica L. (California) show/hide docs

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